Some interesting Books on and about the hand:

1. The Hand by Frank R. Wilson: A wide ranging tour of the hand from a neuroscientists eyes, referencing anthropology, psychology, anatomy, and more.

2. Hands by John Napier: Also wide ranging, a good complement to Wilson’s book, covering handedness, gestures, toolmaking, musicianship and more.

3. The Hand Owner’s Manual by Roy A. Meals: A practical everyday manual for taking care of your hands.

Some useful sites online:

1. for hand exercises and fitness

2. American Society of Hand Therapists:

And just for fun....

3. Mr. Handman and his unique musical talents

4. Shadow puppets: Shadow-puppets. com

And into the future...

5. Robotic hands @

Lastly, as to your general health and wellbeing and as a tribute to one of my medical school classmates and good friend, check out:

Wellness at Warp

Take care of yourselves…..
eat real unprocessed food, limit animal products, exercise, and don’t smoke